Tuesday, May 08, 2007
right up to your face and dis you:
Anti-war GOP Congressman Wayne Gilchrest tells Dave Weigel that John McCain is a delicate velveteen rabbit!
Reason: You're a veteran and Johnson and McCain are veterans. Why did you take such a different lesson from Vietnam?

WG: I respect both of those guys. But they flew airplanes. They were in prison camps. They weren't on the ground, fighting with the South Vietnamese army, or on the ground every day in 120 degree heat, or in driving rainstorms day after day after day, in the swamps, in the rivers, in the jungles. I respect them immensely but they have different perspective from someone who saw combat on the ground. Both those poor souls were tortured. My view is that of a grunt. I'm not talking "cut and run," not "the war is lost," not "we can't win," I'm not saying that. I'm saying we need a change in policy where we're fighting the terrorists.
As a member of McCainSpace, I vow to follow Wayne Gilchrest to the gates of hell.

UPDATE: Yeah, I misspelled the guy's name.
--Spencer Ackerman