Tuesday, May 08, 2007
what we gonna go for? revolution action:
Mike Scheuer catches Ayman Zawahiri posing as a friend of the black man on his latest mixtape:
Al-Zawahiri told American Muslims that Malcolm X drew these "powerful concepts" from Islam, and that they are as applicable today to the oppressed condition of black American Muslims as they were in his lifetime. Al-Qaeda's deputy said to African American Muslims that "I hope no one replies to me that blacks in America have been delivered from its tyranny because there are the likes of Colin Powell—the liar of the Security Council—and Condoleezza Rice in power." Using what he claimed was al-Shabaaz's analysis, al-Zawahiri identified Powell and Rice as "house slaves," African Americans who prospered because they were obedient and helpful to their masters.
And then at the end of the tape, he stared into the camera and shouted "I am Malcolm X!" This might be the least persuasive appeal to radicalize American Muslims ever. Clearly Zawahiri hasn't seen the Blackface Blog Chart. Scheuer speculates that Zawahiri might have had help in crafting his pitch from Azzam the American, a/k/a Death Metal Adam, since this is the sort of message to black people that only a white boy could come up with.
--Spencer Ackerman