Monday, February 05, 2007
it's so hard to say goodbye to yesterday:
It's the end of an era. Daniel McKivergan appears to no longer be blogging for the Weekly Standard. Blogosphere, pour out a little liquor.
--Spencer Ackerman
Would it be too shrill to to call the Weekly Standard a terrorist newsletter?

I guess Bill Kristol is more polite (and more fluent in the language of western liberalism) than the late Abdel Aziz Rantisi, but he seems nearly as bloodthirsty.
Blogger The Special | 1:40 PM

Yeah, I think you want to leave this one alone. Misguided, sure, but it's not acceptable to call the Standard a terrorist magazine.
Blogger spencerackerman | 10:12 AM

It's only temporary. That thousand-yard stare burned a hole through his LCD.

I tried to come up with a pun for the Standard's name but the best I could come up with was the Weakly Stannum. (ie, weakly tin)
Blogger Jon Hendry | 7:57 PM