Sunday, February 04, 2007
why bother, it's gonna hurt me, it's gonna kill when you desert me:
Behold the new plan: America will draw, foster and materially support Iraqi factions by distinguishing between "extremists" and "moderates." The distinction relies on a willingness to use violence, according to the Washington Post. And yet.

And yet the Supreme Council for the Islamic Revolution in Iraq is a major partner. SCIRI is a radical Islamist organization serving as an adjunct for Iran. It commands a death squad-cum-militia so fearsome that the CPA's doomed anti-militia strategy centered around dismantling it. Internal debates jettisoned a SCIRI-heavy strategy only because it was deemed too difficult to actually oust Nouri al-Maliki. Why does Bush like SCIRI so, even while threatening its Iranian sugar daddy?
SCIRI's own militia, the Badr Organization, is seen as more cohesive, "an actual organization with command and control" that might be integrated into the Iraqi military, said one State Department official. The administration has charged that both the Sadr and Badr militias receive assistance from Iran. But officials regularly note that Badr forces have not attacked the U.S. military and that SCIRI has voiced equal opposition to Iranian and U.S. domination. ...

Several officials said they believe that Hakim's backers in the Bush administration have been seduced by his forceful demeanor and Abdul Mahdi's fluent English. And while many emphasized the importance of a single, visible Iraqi leader, others have said it is a mistake to personalize the policy in one Shiite actor.
See, Adel Abdul Mahdi is the first mainstream Shiite, so clean and so articulate! You guys on the right have convinced me: this strategy is totally going to work! Another thousand dead Americans is worth the experimentation.
--Spencer Ackerman
It's not "Abdul Mahdi's fluent English" so much as where he learned it -- at the same boys' school in Baghdad as Iyad Allawi and Ahmad Chalabi.

This, apparently, is all the proof the neocons need to believe that he's someone they cut deals with, no matter how many times SCIRI swindles them.
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Andrew Sullivan,chief gossip monger of the warmongersphere, recently flogged this notion, which I think spilled the beans:

"The response to this should not be to throw out hands up in despair
but to figure out how we can exploit these rifts in the Middle East to
protect and defend the interests of the West and of secular-minded

Andy is charmingly open about the whole thing, "exploit these rifts".....

Bush knows Iraq is a clusterfuck. What's he supposed to say? "I fucked up", in public? That's not the way men in power act.

So he and the rest of his cabal make the rational, cold-hearted decision to covertly back Sadr. We're training his cadres, otherwise known as the Iraqi Army. We take over Sadrist neighborhoods and then at a certain point in the future (when Bush is no longer Prez), we give those nabes to the Iraqi Army (aka Sadr's boys).


Everyone knows about the Muslim civil war, but the "exploiting" part
is pure Bush + neocons.

The surge is a conscious plan to leave Iraq in Shiite hands as much as can be done without actually saying so.
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