Tuesday, January 09, 2007
gimme indie rock:
Who knew Sweater Weather were still around? According to DCist, they played in Northeast last night. Huh. Amazing what you can learn on the internet while you wait interminably for sources to return your calls.

Also, someone has to improve eMusic.com's search function and music library. Today, for instance, I felt like listening to the first Modest Mouse record, the Long Drive For Someone With Nothing To Think About one that starts with "Dramamine." I have a fair amount of downloads remaining on my monthly account, so I searched for "Modest Mouse" and turned up their single with 764-HERO, which I bought and deeply regretted in 1998. Trying again, I managed to pull up Modest Mouse proper and what should I find but this -- a bunch of crappy EPs, apocrypha and effluvia. Not even the fucking Lonesome Crowded West record. Is this a problem with my searching skills? Is eMusic's search function too clever for me? Or do I need to find a better cheap-download site? Like S**ls**k?
--Spencer Ackerman
Your searching skills are fine. For some reason Emusic doesn't have the rights to upload a lot of music.

I assume they have to negotiate rights with each label independently. Some labels have virtually all of their back catalogue on EMusic -- Matador, for instance. Others not so much. I think early Modest Mouse albums were released on Up Records, which doesn't have as much stuff on Emusic. Sort of annoying.
Blogger Brad Plumer | 4:07 PM

Scratch that, there's nothing on Emusic from Up Records. I guess that's why you can't find any Built to Spill, etc.
Blogger Brad Plumer | 4:11 PM

Jesus! Don't you know you can be fired for commenting on this blog? Use a pseudonym, like... Prad Blumer.
Blogger spencerackerman | 4:46 PM

As soon as I read this I went to S**ls**k and downloaded a bunch of modest mouse. Good stuff.
Blogger Mazer Rackam | 7:26 PM