Friday, January 26, 2007
let them choose the rain, there's a hole in my bucket anyway:
It's 4:30 on Friday. Ain't nobody gonna call me back at this point. Kids, if you want to grow up to do the journalism, you have to be prepared to place a lot of phone calls and handle the endless waiting for callbacks. Suck it up and do work, as they say.

So what should you do? I recommend turning on Imperial Leather's Something Out Of Nothing LP. You like Swedish punk rock? A little Hellacopters action? Some Dead Boys in your bristles-n-studs? This is going to knock you unconscious and shave your eyebrows off. I just copped this from Profane Existence -- it's not new, but it's new to me -- and you should as well. One of the dudes in this band calls himself 138. How awesome is that?

Yeah, I said Profane Existence. What, guys who appear in the Scooter Libby indictment can't relax to some d-beat? Some grindcore? A spot of power violence? You got your crust in my peace punk? No, you got your peace punk in my crust! The postwoman also brought me the Detestation LP, a Drop Dead comp CD and Witch Hunt's As Priorities Decay album. Yay for punk rock.
--Spencer Ackerman
went through the same thing with a piece was I was reporting on my school paper. You sit and wait and try to write the outlines of the piece in anticipation of what you think you might hear, tinkering with the wording, doing anything you can to fill the time.

Much better to do copy editing, they get the piece, the make us look smarter, the write a catchy hed and send it off. But we get all of the glory...
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