Thursday, January 18, 2007
in my world there are no limits or lies:
God help me, I think I like G.G. Allin.
--Spencer Ackerman
Or just conceptually?
Blogger shingles | 9:19 PM

Seen the "Hated" documentary? I can never erase the image of G.G. taking a torrent of piss straight from the woman's urethra, mouthful after mouthful, until he finally vomits a little. Quickly recovering from the upchuck, the man keeps drinking.

This is more memorable even than the scene where he shits on stage, smears it on himself, and flings it at his audience like some shaved gorilla.
Blogger Damir | 9:23 PM

Shingles' question is important. GG's music is actually sometimes pretty catchy, but the concept I think comes up somewhat empty.
Blogger Andrew | 6:33 AM

I've heard similar things said about Skrewdriver.
Blogger Damir | 7:10 AM

I'm not talking Murder Junkies-era GG. I'm talking Jabbers. When he was still singing, and the songs were actually songs, not spectacles. (Granted, they were still titled things like "Cunt Sucking Cannibal.") But here's the trouble -- my interest is now piqued, and knowing myself, I'm now going to track down every bit of GG info I can find. This includes seeing Hated In The Nation, I'm sure.
Blogger spencerackerman | 7:18 AM

"Hated" is worth seeing for it's own sake, irrespective of one's take on GG's music. The cast of characters are amusing in ,oh, so many ways.

The first version of Skrewdriver wasn't half bad - which is why they ended up on Chiswick, a decent independent label in the UK (home of pub rock, some Damned, and MOTORHEAD!) - I don't think this version was blatantly (or even "unblatantly") racist. They broke up and later the lead singer resurrected the band (w/different members) as a white power outfit.

Never listened to the second Skrewdriver though - but since lyrics are part and parcel of what makes a song good or bad, I can't see how one could listen to it and set aside the lyrics.

Kind of like how I feel with Death Cab for Cutie. But different.
Blogger shingles | 10:52 AM

Yeah Hated is an interesting trip. Not one I necessarily want to repeat, but worth making initially.
Blogger Eric | 11:07 AM

I have one degree of separation from GG. My old "colleague" -- that would be flattering myself significantly -- from New York Press, Jim Knipfel, used to be his tour manager. I don't know how that worked, as Knipfel is completely guileless.
Blogger spencerackerman | 11:27 AM

Spencer: if you're ever in SF on a wednesday night, GG's old bassist now hosts a variety act at the 12 Galaxies here:
Blogger Doctor Memory | 4:17 PM

I saw GG with the Scumfucs at an all ages show in Manchester back in '83. That was his musical "highpoint", I'm not sure Jabbers was much of a band or ever played any paying shows. I was in the NH punk scene at the time and I think the Scumfucs era was when his name started getting around the state. His shtick then was basically just the filthy words - "Drink, fight and fuck" seemed pretty outrageous in New Hampshire at the time. If I remember he danced around with his shirt off and pretended to hump the mike but no bodily fluids were used in the making of the performance. The New Hampshire band Scissorfight did an awesome cover of "Drink fight and fuck" on their Piscataqua EP - actually a lot better than the original.
Blogger Vanya_6724 | 6:40 AM