Thursday, November 02, 2006
physically strong! MORALLY (not mentally) straight!:
Once upon a time there was a message board called Alt.Music.Hardcore. Imagine running a gauntlet of degradation, anxiety and fear, and you'll understand what it was like in the mid to late-90s. The key figures were true beasts of nature -- Nick Steffens, Debbie Lee and Jesse Cannon, with the occasional appearance from giants of the hardcore scene like Rick Ta Life. Eventually the social circle collapsed under the weight of its contradictions -- Debbie decided she wasn't meant to marry Nick after all -- and a series of lesser message boards and blogs attempted, feebly, to take the place of AMH over the years. Apparently one of them is this, which Gentle Ben introduced me to just now.

In the above-referenced post, Yakub's brother band R5 discusses a reunion, and Ben counters with the rumors of a Yakub reunion. (Sister-band Kovax, featuring drums by the New York Observer's Mike Calderone and vox by Joanna Angel, is apparently also in talks to reunite.) I can promise all that a Yakub reunion would be the worst and most unanticipated reunion ever, but I would still do it. A question for the readership: should your new band ever play on the same bill as your old band's reunion show? Get Talmudic.
--Spencer Ackerman
I admittedly know nothing about hardcore. But is the post title a reference to a lyric that's a reference to the boy scout law? cause if so, I have to take issue...
Blogger sbma44 | 9:01 PM

no, dude, it's a Youth of Today lyric. If *that's* a boy-scout reference, I feel dumb for never having caught it. For real, I actually was kicked out of the Webelos.
Blogger Spencer Ackerman | 7:21 AM

no, dude, it's a Youth of Today lyric. If *that's* a boy-scout reference, I feel dumb for never having caught it. For real, I actually was kicked out of the Webelos.
Blogger Spencer Ackerman | 7:30 AM

Awesome! I was kicked out of the Webelos too. Rock on. Was it the whole flag thing?

Yes, it's OK to be on the same bill as your current band and your old band. For example, Cracker and Camper van Beethoven recently appeared together.

And back in the day in Tampa, when the hardcore scene was basically like 40 people, there was only one drummer to go around the three main hardcore bands (Pagan Faith, Rat Cafeteria, and Jehovah's Sicknesses). The bands were also always breaking up and getting back together, so the drummer was essentially always playing with both his current band(s) and former band(s).

Then someone kicked in the electrical box at the Steak and Egg next door and the whole scene disappeared until someone kicked the junkies out of the Ritz Theater in Ybor City.
Blogger Spanky Quigman | 9:18 AM

A Yakub reunion would certainly not be the worst ever. Anyone remember Agnostic Front at Maxwells in 1998? Twenty bucks, and they DIDN'T EVEN SALUTE THE FLAG.

By the way, the YoT lyric is "physically strong, *morally* straight". Because they want you to know that semi-nude slam-dancing with your lifting buddies doesn't have anything gay about it.
Blogger TheWaldganger | 9:37 AM

Argh! I botched the fucking YOT lyric! Thankfully, Goldman is here to save me from myself.

Why was I kicked out of the Webelos? It wasn't the flag thing -- my mother is an American socialist, and a failure to salute would have botched the whole project & exposed us to charges of disloyalty. As I recall, I merely failed spectacularly in soapbox derby, knot-tying and even the fucking campout, and may have made a comment to the effect that Cub Scouting wasn't worth missing "Alien Nation," Mondays on Fox.

Bitchslap, in the late 90s, the HC scene in Fla. was big on Gainsville: Asshole Parade, Palatka and other assorted powerviolence bands. Never knew anything about Tampa, but it may have been before my time. Sam, where was Tabb located in Florida? When he was in Roach Motel, you know?
Blogger Spencer Ackerman | 10:09 AM

As far as I recall, Roach Motel were also based in Gainesville. But speaking of Tampa, one shouldn't forget the mighiest of all Florida grindcore bands: Assueck.
Blogger TheWaldganger | 12:40 PM

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