Wednesday, November 01, 2006
my friends are getting famous:
Insanity occurs! It turns out my old friend and bandmate Ivan/I.M. "Sunshine" Berko is playing bass for the very good band VietNam. My memories of Ivan largely revolve around Plum Street: hot tea on frigid evening/mornings; the Monkey Cage we drove to North Carolina on Yakub's 1999 tour; a certain ribald story with a certain college lady; and the very first filmic appearance of legendary pornographic entrepreneur Joanna Angel, which was a never-released "blue movie" entitled Jack Caliber: Out Of Control. (Long, long story.)

Making matters even stranger, VietNam is touring with what Evan Dando is still calling the Lemonheads. The classic Lemonheads lineup (Shame About Ray, Come On Feel) included one Jesse Peretz, son of Marty. Just saying.

--Spencer Ackerman