Friday, October 20, 2006
When the bomb drops it'll be a bank holiday:
Charles Krauthammer and a nuclear Japan: perfect together. Hey, Charles, why is it that many in this country feel so uneasy about the Japanese getting a nuke?

The American reaction to such talk is knee-jerk opposition. Like those imperial Japanese soldiers discovered holed up on some godforsaken Pacific island decades after World War II, we continue to act as if we, too, never received news of the Japanese surrender. We applaud the Japanese for continuing their adherence to the MacArthur constitution that forever denies Japan the status of Great Power replete with commensurate military force.

Damn it, he's got me. My concerns have not a thing to do with a general disinclination toward nuclear proliferation, particularly in vital regions such as East Asia or the Middle East. Rather, I rive in fear of the Yerrow Terror. Curse you, Krauthammer! You're just too good at this!
--Spencer Ackerman
Japan isn't a Great Power? Great Powers are only defined by their exorbitant spending on a military?

I'm confused, clearly. Why do we even bother dealing with the rest of the G-8 when at least six of them are Puny?
Blogger Ken Houghton | 10:46 AM

Actually I think it would be an especially terrible idea to let Japan go nuclear, what with the way Japanese textbooks present WWII. But sure, I'm against proliferation in general.
Blogger Kyle | 10:04 AM