Thursday, October 26, 2006
sail away, sail away, sail away:
That's right, I'm against the very idea of Air Force Space Command! The science-fiction literature on this is overwhelming: space is a core competancy of the Navy. Admiral Kirk? Admiral Adama? If you need to board a Martian spacecraft, you're going to need Space Marines. The proper role of the Navy is forward defense. The Air Force should establish a perimeter defense within our atmosphere in case of a Martian invasion. God help us if the Navy's outer perimeter is breached.
--Spencer Ackerman
Another thing Bush fracked up
Blogger marc | 6:21 PM

But doesn't BSG have a really weird ranking structure? (Admiral/Commander/Colonel/Major...) And aren't the space forces in Babylon 5 led by Generals?
Blogger Jacob | 10:41 PM

And besides...there is no air in space. There IS water, however.
Blogger Riggsveda | 5:33 AM

Jacob, I think you mean Colonel One-Eye, right? My impression -- and I only watched a recap disc for S1 & 2 -- is that One-Eye is a Space Marine colonel, though when Adama made himself fleet admiral, he took the crusty marine as his XO, which is not unheard of.
Blogger spencerackerman | 8:48 AM

It's a reasonable assumption but the series creator talks about the rank structure here. Bascially the orginal BSG had a mix of naval and army ranks and he kept it for the remake.
Blogger Jacob | 9:48 AM

Another datum from our friends at Bungie: wildly successful space-invader franchise HALO has you in the shoes of a Master Chief, serving under Fleet Admiral Hood.
Blogger Louie Fakes | 1:11 AM