Thursday, March 06, 2008
i'll treat him like my brother, he'll treat me like his:
We can surely do better than this.
The concert, part of the MySpaceLive! series, is being presented in cooperation with the Defense Department’s Armed Forces Entertainment and America Supports You programs. Some of today’s most popular music acts -- including Filter, Disturbed, The Pussycat Dolls, DJ Z-Trip and Jessica Simpson -- will rock the Kuwaiti desert for the troops stationed in the country. Comedian Carlos Mencia will host the three-plus hour event, which will stream live on the MySpace Web site at 2 p.m. Eastern Time on March 10.
This is an indictment of America during wartime. We give deployed forces our shitty rock acts? And to think Mike Crowley once laughed at me for packing a Dandy Warhols record during a book/CD/DVD drive for the Marines. (Though, admittedly, I was happy to part with Welcome To The Monkey House.) My mission now is to organize a Surge/Clipse/Motorhead/Rancid/50/R. Kelly/Against Me!/Jay-Z warzone tour. Promoters/DOD contractors, contact me through the blog.
--Spencer Ackerman
My friend's husband who was just deployed less that two weeks ago was at that concert. Supposedly most of the troops were pretty psyched to have ANYTHING. The messed up thing though is that MySpace was touted as this great way for troops to stay in touch with their families back home but in reality MySpace is blocked on most government computers.
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