Thursday, February 14, 2008
i wanna 'nother one like the last one:
In a few minutes, I'll head out to join some friends for an anti-Valentine's Day boozer, as reasonable people do on this miserable holiday. For now, I came home to walk the dog, leading me to figure I might as well kill a little time so my phone can recharge. This is what phoning it in reads like.

For the moment, my cardinal complaint is with my iPod. I keep mine on the album shuffle function -- makes life that much spicier. Only thing is, I'm listening to my Flux of Pink Indians material, and my iPod has decided to boycott my favorite Flux track: "Tube Disaster." WTF, iPod? There's only so many times a man can listen to "Myxomatosis" or "Some of Us Scream, Some of Us Shout." I feel like going back to the full track listing and selecting "Tube Disaster" a la carte is a form of cheating. That shuffle function must give me the songs I want. But I'm tempted.

Christ, "Neu Smell" again?

--Spencer Ackerman