Thursday, February 14, 2008
better watch how you talk when you talk about me:
Yochi Dreazen is a very good Iraq/national security reporter for the Wall Street Journal. And yet people who know him seem to really dislike him. Whatever, I don't care, the work is what matters, and I'm a jerk myself.

But today he got called out by Jezebel. Apparently, in college, he crossed Moe Tkacik. Big mistake.
MOE: Airport bathrooms for the gays!
Srsly though I was just jokin.
I used to have this editor at my college paper.
Yochi Dreazen.
He was also my housemate for awhile.
But that's another story.
MEGAN: Aw, they should totally be decorated. Senators need love too.
MOE: Anyway Yochi Dreazen, whose full name "Yochanan" means Gift From God apparently, was allllways using those dumb little aphorisms as his story ledes. And it annoyed me. He was obsessed w. the strange bedfellows line. Now he works at the Wall Street Journal. I hope he is well! Shout out Yochi if you're listening! That story on the soldiers keeping the underground railroad of stray dogs in Iraq was a Tjerker for reals! Anyway.
--Spencer Ackerman
OMG. JEZEBEL ME HERE. Hahahahaha I'm sure Yochi would be amused to see it characterized thusly. I actually think I stole his blanket once and "crossed" him. (Sorry Yochanan!) But srsly, that Iraq dogs story WAS a tearjerker. And he WAS a kinda self-serious college newspaper editor but whatevs; bygones!! OK I am hungry. I am a hungry jerk. Happy Single Person's Appreciation Day Yoch and Spence!
Blogger Unknown | 5:32 PM

*Swoon.* I'm trying to keep my cool here. All I'll say is, uh, Marisa might send you an e-mail.
Blogger Spencer Ackerman | 6:22 PM

I know Yochi quite well -- knew him in college too -- and think very highly of him. He has a fine taste in bourbon, has spent more time in combat than most soldiers I know (myself included), and is generous with both his time and his aforementioned collection of spirits. Maybe I have a simple way of judging people because I'm from East Tennessee and all, but I like Yochi very much.

(And as you know, I love and respect M as well. They are both tops in my book, and I would go to bat for either of them.)
Blogger Abu Muqawama | 3:38 AM

Yo, Abu M, that comment risks exposing your secret identity. Be careful!
Blogger Spencer Ackerman | 7:41 AM