Sunday, January 20, 2008
turtle doves are mooing:
Show of hands. Help an aging twentysomething out. Is the awkward turtle something the kids are actually doing, or a massive hoax? Or does the distinction no longer matter?
--Spencer Ackerman
The first rule of the awkward turtle is, don't talk about the awkward turtle.
Blogger Unknown | 8:00 PM

Help an aging forty-something out: When one reads that a $9.11 grilled chicken salad at a new chain restaurant is "disrespectful shit," is that a rave, or (more likely) a must-to-avoid warning?
Blogger Marty Lederman | 8:14 PM

my wife teaches 7th grade in brooklyn, and i asked her about this. she doesn't know anything about it, but there's something else new that might just be unique to her school:

when a kid says something dumb, other kids slap their hand across the back of the first kid's head/upper neck (where the gills would be if they were a fish) and say, "gill!" if it's something REALLY stupid, they do it really hard and say, "mega!" if they say something stupid themselves, they do it to themselves and say, "self!" (then other people can't "gill" you. it's like saying "not it.")

it's the new craze in east new york! apparently.
Blogger Marc Hogan | 7:00 AM
also search for awkward turtle on youtube yielded 183 hits.

Well if it's on Youtube, it must be true.

How many different desperately unprofessional youtubes would you need to not be astrotube ?

incidently did you know that yourtube was a pornlink site ?
Blogger Deep Trunk | 7:24 AM

Marc Hogan: I was giving & receiving Gills in Brooklyn back in the 80s. I'm stunned this is still around. The way it worked way back when was that you wouldn't actually say "gill" when someone said something stupid. You'd say "Save mine!" -- for reasons long since lost to history, if they existed in the first place -- as a way of reserving your right to Gill someone.

But that's not all! You had a bonus option: You could scream "Plus tax!" and then immediately count as fast as you could before the soon-to-be-Gill-victim cut you off. I don't remember what the code word was to cease the counting, but he had better have been quick on the draw, because the number you stopped the Plus-Tax at is the number of Gills you were lawfully permitted to administer. Thorough dispensation of Gills were a requirement at PS 114 in Canarsie and my Prospect Park little league.

Marty: it was more of a smart-ass remark, but I'd also advise avoiding that Chop't chain.
Blogger Spencer Ackerman | 1:47 PM