Friday, January 11, 2008
ooh baby it's a wild world:
Let's hear more of this, please.

The distress call rang out over the radio. In the midst of one of the largest current military operations in Iraq, Capt. Mike Stinchfield recognized this was, so far, his most urgent mission of the day.

A captured insurgent? A fallen comrade? Not quite. A local woman had gone into labor, and within minutes about 18 U.S. soldiers endeavored to help....

"I'm sitting here eating Cheez Whiz and Cheez-Its, which I realize might seem weird," Stinchfield said. "But I'd rather be doing things like delivering a baby than shooting people."

Update: Thanks to Mike in comments, this headline has been corrected.

--Spencer Ackerman
Stick to Fugazi. It's a wild world, not really that wide.
Blogger Mike J | 4:48 AM

Damn. I try to write these headlines without Googling them, which I irrationally consider cheating. Such are the wages. Thanks for the correction.
Blogger Spencer Ackerman | 7:42 AM