Saturday, January 19, 2008
doing good and looking fly:
While the press is all up on John McCain's tip, Matt Yglesias points out that McCain is losing -- badly -- in the delegate count to Mitt Romney. As McCain speaks in South Carolina, the McCain faithful chant "Mac Is Back," which I hope they know is a Kool Keith song:
Now you’re up late, can’t get no sleep, I’m outside/ Cruisin down 5th ave., makin love in your ride/ You want that baby, but I’m out here thinkin maybe/ What if you flip - but it’s ok when you’re on my tip/ Take off your shoes, don’t spread my business news/ Reachin for the rubber tips it’s time to pay your dues/ Two girls in the back, bring your friend, make it three/ It’s the big thing honey, that’s the policy/ I got to pull down and bring the steel home for you/ Break the headboards and tell your girlfriends come over too/ Put my motorcycle helmet on and feel the power/ Rock and lift the boots, spank the lips for a hour/ The mack is back, doin good and lookin fly (2x)
Yeah. Don't crush it when you sit up on it.

Update: Speaking of sitting up on it, the Corner's Kathleen Parker says McCain's "best moment" is his use of the line "We are the captains of our fate." That's a misquotation of a line from William Ernest Henley's poem "Invictus", which, it's worth noting, was Timothy McVeigh's final fuck-you to America.

--Spencer Ackerman