Sunday, March 18, 2007
gotta keep the devil down in the hole:
BAGHDAD -- For all its thrilling brio, DeLonda Brice's "Wee-Bey walked into Jessup a man, and he gonna walk out one" line never made much sense. Bey confessed to something like eighteen murders ("more if you can get me another pig sandwich"). How was he ever getting out of Jessup? As it turns out, DeLonda was right. All inmates have been transfered out of the now-shuttered Jessup. Presumably Wee-Bey was in chains, but at some point, he must have walked out of the prison. According to the Post, DeLonda knew more about Jessup's future than seven of the Maryland corrections secretary's senior aides.

Meanwhile, I'm not going to Ramadi after all. I'll be going to Mosul tonight, and will be riding along with the Provincial Reconstruction Team up there.
--Spencer Ackerman
I love how if you don't watch The Wire, this post will make no sense.

But honestly, it probably never occured to DeLonda that Wee-Bey wasn't getting out of the pen, she was never all that practical--hence her obsession with Naymond becoming a soldier, despite Colvin's insistance that he had a future off the street.

And speaking of soldiers, you're reporting has been interesting thus far and I look forward to your feature articles when you return home from Iraq.
Blogger Eric the Political Hack | 12:42 AM

I suspect that Khalid Sheikh Mohammed (a murderer, no doubt) may have pulled a Wee-Bey for his organization when he ate that litany of charges at his CSRT this week.
Blogger The Special | 8:59 AM

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Blogger The Special | 8:59 AM

Perhaps, though I suspect that he skipped the pig sandwich.
Blogger Pooh | 11:35 AM

Blogger The Special | 12:12 PM

Spencer Ackerman how the hell are you?! It's been a while since our Targum days. I can't believe you're reporting in Iraq (I assume that's what you're doing there, I have friends in the service, but I can't picture you in that role).
Blogger melhayes | 3:42 PM

Melissa, great & unexpected to hear from you. Right you are -- I'd make a terrible soldier, so I'll settle for being a barely-adequate reporter here in Mosul for the next couple days. What are you up to these days?
Blogger Spencer Ackerman | 8:37 AM

What Eric said. DeLonda never did think too clearly or too far ahead.

Speaking of The Wire, have you read the Atlantic article about snitching in Baltimore? Deeply depressing...but as you read it, you also keep thinking 'yup, saw this on The Wire...'
Blogger Tom Hilton | 10:24 AM

Spencer? This is Alison H. I just found out about this blog, about your new position at the American Prospect, and about your being embedded in Iraq. I can't wait to read the blog more thoroughly ... I can only imagine what you're seeing and experiencing over there ... Stay safe and write some butt-kicking stories (in that order)! Here's sending a big hug from NYC.


PS - Andrew and I are getting married in the fall :-)
Blogger Unknown | 6:23 PM