Saturday, February 24, 2007
the mirror said, "you are, you conceited bastard":
Mike Huckabee: genius or knave? In his account of a meeting of prominent Christian conservatives:
He said he emphasized education, among other issues, and talked about a continuing war “with a radical form of Islamic fascism,” which he called “a bastardization of religion.”
One reading of this would hold that Huckabee takes a restricted understanding of the war on terrorism -- that most "Islamic fascism" is acceptable to Mike Huckabee; only a "radical form" of it is unacceptable. I can get on board with that! Presuming that Huckabee is referring to al-Qaeda as his radical form of Islamic fascism, the man is making sense, certainly a lot more than the "Iran is more dangerous than al-Qaeda" and "there is an undifferentiated jihadist enemy out there" contentions put out by the Bush administration. (Now, chances are Huckabee didn't mean anything of the sort, and just doesn't know what words mean. But, as David Jo Hansen once sang, I gotta have some fun.)
--Spencer Ackerman