Monday, February 26, 2007
gonna fight back:
Ann adds her voice to the full-throated TAPPED denunciation of David Brooks's denunciation of hipster parents with a crucial point: these kids, force-fed into soi-disant leftism and hipsterism, are going to be the foot soldiers of a resurgent conservative movement when the grow up. Making the point in horrid, living color, she even links to a Cobrasnake shot of a kid in an... Anti-Flag t-shirt. I haven't seen one of those since Mio Alter wore one in high school.

While I can't speak for Mio, Ann is right that red diaper babies -- at least in the original sense of the term -- do have a tendency to move rightward as they age. Here I speak from personal experience, as my beloved, sainted mother is a socialist and I'm not. But to complicate the picture somewhat, it's also true that one can move sharply to the right -- say, in college, as I did -- and then slowly moor oneself back to the sensible harbors of liberalism. Controlling the irregular haircut of one's child is much simpler than controlling her politics, though no less obnoxious.
--Spencer Ackerman
Teach a kid compassion and not abuse, and they'll find their way in the world just fine.

I have to say, as a parent of two, these are the kinds of things that keep my wife and I awake at night.

"What if he's born again?" "I don't know. I could take it if he's gay, but that..."
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