Wednesday, November 15, 2006
well today i looked so good, just like i know i should, my breasts to tempt inside my bra, my face was painted like a movie star:
I once lit candles for Hannuka at my old friend Joanna Angel's home in north Jersey. Joanna invited me and my then-girlfriend over, and it was a lovely time: her parents, especially her mother, and her younger sister were lovely, lovely people. I was about to leave for my first trip to Israel, which raised a lot of questions from people -- it was only a few months after 9/11, the bombs were exploding in Jerusalem every day, why would I do this? Joanna's mother, an Iraqi-born Israeli, understood intuitively. As we lit candles, she guided my ignorant, secularist hand.

Next week I'll be blogging with Opinionista for Jewcy, and today a friend sent along a horrible coincidence: Jewcy has interviewed Joanna's mother. The entire conversation is extremely hard to read. Not only is she extremely ashamed of Joanna's profession, but she's ashamed of Joanna -- she seems to believe that her daughter's slide into perversion is the outgrowth of very deep-seated flaws in Joanna that, as her mother, she tried and failed to correct. I'd be foolish to pretend I knew Joanna better than her mother does, but my heart breaks for her when I read this: Joanna has built quite an impressive business empire for herself, and any mention of her pornography should include that recognition. But consider such awful statements from Joanna's heartsick mother:
How can she not understand that this is a horrible thing for a woman? Look at a suicide bomber.
This is a terrible situation, and I hope Joanna isn't too upset by this interview. Jewcy has taken a very cheap holiday in other people's misery.
--Spencer Ackerman
Did you see that on page two Joanna responds? She seems OK talking about the stuff from page one.

On the suicide bomber thing, is having sex with lots of strangers for money self destructive?
Blogger Retief | 5:28 PM

It can be. You haven't known many sex workers, have you?

That said, it's my secondhand experience that any work for money can be self-destructive. Law, investing, medicine, bending sheet metal, hanging drywall -- they all have their casualties.

But pretending sex work is somehow blessed to avoid them is unrealistic.

FD: my experience is all secondhand, but none of this friend-of-a-friend crap. I am talking about my own friends, neighbors, and party guests.
Blogger wcw | 2:04 PM