Sunday, November 26, 2006
Monarch to the kingdom of the dead, sadistic, surgeon of demise:
What's that we were saying about the End of the Maliki Era? Says the Los Angeles Times:
Angry Shiite Muslims pelted Prime Minister Nouri Maliki's motorcade with stones today after the Iraqi leader pleaded for national reconciliation at a memorial in Sadr City held for victims of a large-scale bombing attack last week.

Maliki, who is also a Shiite, left the scene after he tried without success to calm a crowd of mourners calling for revenge against Sunni Arabs. His pleas were met with shouts of "coward" and "collaborator."
Idiots like James Kurth imply that such displays demonstrate some ill-chosen fealty to Iran that will inevitably be consigned to the dustbin of history. Ah, if only. Maliki calling for "unity" after the Sadr City bombings is akin to Bush calling for a dialogue with bin Laden after 9/11. Bush's career would have ended immediately -- especially if his more-powerful rival/benefactor promised to cut him off if he pursued his flight of fancy. That's where Maliki is going when he goes to Amman to meet with Bush and King Abdullah.

--Spencer Ackerman
Slayer huh? I just stumbled in here, but I guess I'll stay. Keep jammin' the idiot James Kurth, and all the rest of MP's minions. How long till Malaki goes. I don't think he'll survive the 'War on Christmas'. Hell, he might not come back from Jordan.
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