Thursday, November 09, 2006
Career's come to an end, only so long fake thugs can pretend:
Good riddance, you vile fuck. It's seven minutes until your concession speech, and it feels like an eternity, from "Governor" until Macaca. But now you're back to where you belong: nowhere, nothing, disgrace.

I remember the salad days, when Rich Lowry was all up on you, like your name was Mike Jones. In fact, here's what I said then, and fuck a copywright: I wrote it, so it's mines:


Apropos of all all this talk about the post-Bush GOP future, Matt Yglesias asks what makes Virginia Senator George Allen a top 2008 contender. Matt mentions Rich Lowry's apparently-not-online National Review cover story on Allen, but doesn't focus on what, to Lowry, is apparently a key qualification for presidential aspirants. Take a look at this truly bizarre passage from Lowry, which occurs during a description of Allen's tobacco-chewing, er, technique:

A spit cup is always nearby, and [Allen] does an intricate little ritual without touching the tobacco when putting some in his mouth--opening the can, scooping the snuff onto the top of the lid, replacing the lid on top of the can, then swiping the can near his mouth to tuck the tobacco into his lower lip.

Good Lord, the things that someone like Camille Paglia could say about this passage. What's next, Rich? Does George Allen's milkshake bring all the boys to the yard? Not that there's anything wrong with that.

--Spencer Ackerman

--Spencer Ackerman
Even if we hadn't taken the Senate (and if you'd asked me as recently as 3 days ago, I'd've told you no fucking chance), any election that ended the presidential prospects of George Allen and Rick Santorum would be an unalloyed good for our republic.

"They were pigs. They will not be missed." -St. Hunter Thompson
Blogger Doctor Memory | 2:32 PM

Perhaps the worst part of the W era will be the raft of imitators, of which Allen was but the worst example.
Blogger Pooh | 2:50 PM

Dunno Haggai, Bush's personna was sold as Reagan for the Stars & Bars set, and given the regional realignment, we can expect juss folks for a while, I fear. Certainly at least until "character" and "authenticity" stop making the bobbling heads, er, bobble.
Blogger Pooh | 5:25 PM