Sunday, March 09, 2008
hold up, i ain't finished on the dis tip:
Publius writes:
Spencer Ackerman pretty much captures my thoughts on Michael Calderone. I hope he loses all his sources in exchange for his little moment in the sun.
Whoa, hang on! In case it wasn't clear, Calderone did not write a defense of the Scotsman. He linked to the Scotsman's defense of itself in the Power affair. That was what I was criticizing. Not Mike C. Sorry for any confusion. I'm very pro-Mike C, and have been ever since we were hanging out at the Wetlands basement lounge during the 1997 Avail show.

Update: It's all good now.
--Spencer Ackerman
sorry about that - totally my bad. pre-coffee blogging, but i've clarified.
Blogger publius | 11:59 AM

Hey, I was at that Avail show... good times...
Blogger Justaguy | 3:15 PM