Sunday, February 17, 2008
now it's time for you and me:
The Surge needs your support.

So Rory from The N** Y*** T**** and I are The Surge. We intend to launch an all-out agit-prop campaign in preparation for our upcoming performance at Washington D.C.'s Velvet Lounge on March 15. But The Surge doesn't have enough troops for the entire country. You, my readers, can augment our overstretched force.

If you e-mail your contact information to supportthesurge-at-gmail-dot-com, we'll mail you stickers and other Surge propaganda, stuff we're in the process of creating. Spread it around your neighborhood. You will be our Concerned Local Citizens, our Awakening Councils. Readers of this blog in Iraq are especially encouraged to enlist.

No one can say The Surge isn't working.
--Spencer Ackerman