Monday, January 01, 2007
they were picking up the dead out of the broken glass:
An excellent hung-over New Year's Day activity: screening Kinji Fukasaku's brilliant Battles Without Honor & Humanity six-film epic about the Japanese mafia. Out of the atomic destruction of Hiroshima comes the nihilistic fury of social atomization. There's no apology in Fukasaku -- just lots of betrayal, paranoia and swords chopping off arms. Fitting stuff after the Iraq war murdered 16, 273 Iraqis and nearly 1,000 Americans this year.

I got as far as the first hour of the second film, Deadly Fight in Hiroshima, before the world's worst Rose Bowl came on. We alternated with Decline of Western Civilization II, largely for the scene-stealing performance of Odin.

Meanwhile, the house is now gripped by Boise State insanity. Pete and Yglesias have been doing the Bronco dance.
--Spencer Ackerman
Conceded that it was past youse guys' bedtime, but did you see the Boise State game through to the "big bronze thingy near Ellis Island" play?
Blogger dell | 8:02 PM

Spencer: here's the perfect lyric for this post, via Wilco's Kingpin:

"Statue of liberty play, it only works once, don't throw it away."

No charge.
Blogger Clint | 3:47 PM