Monday, January 29, 2007
go on and get me another roll of pills:
Hugh Hewitt posted on Friday a letter to Jim Webb by a fellow Naval Academy graduate. If there's a point here in this rambling display of invective, it's that Webb is obsessed with losing a boxing match to Oliver North decades ago, and that's what's led his descent into liberalism. Also the Iraq war and the Bush administration are resounding successes, Bush had no responsibility for Katrina, and only traitorous Copperheads could disagree.
--Spencer Ackerman
I know its good to keep an eye on the otehrside, but I just can't read a shitformorals propagandist like hewitt.
Blogger sam | 12:24 PM

The letter writer you link to, in an attempt to apologize for Bush's incompetence in Iraq, writes the following: "Thucydides points out in his History of the Peloponnesian War how terribly Athens managed its war with Sparta after the death of Pericles." Hmm, yeah well Athens lost the Peloponnesian War and had to endure the regime of the Thirty Tyrants as a result. So this analogy makes the writer's point--that a little incompetence is to be expected--about as well as saying Hitler made a tactical error when he invaded the Soviet Union. This writer, as you admirably point out, does not deserve a serious rebuttal, but I think the fact that he tries to justify Bush's incompetence by pointing to an instance when incompetence resulted in the fall of an empire demonstrates just how unserious a writer this guy is, midshipman or not. But, citing Thucydides does seem pretty impressive.
Blogger skipper2379 | 7:22 PM