Saturday, December 09, 2006
Yo, when you hear talk of the southside, you hear talk of the team, n****s feared Prince and respected Preme:
White rock groups really shouldn't be dissing 50 Cent. This is just a terrible idea, even if I must respect its sheer audacity. Now, when I first heard about this, I thought it was a very very obvious joke, a la Jin's "Fuck Jay Z". Yet in this interview, Chicago's Nice Peter implies that they actually have a problem with 50:
“The point of the song was just that, I think I was listening to an interview about him and he had just come out with a CD, a movie and a video game all at the same time,” Shukoff told in an exclusive interview. “I think the thing that bothers me about 50 Cent is that I don’t think he is necessarily a positive image...[but] it’s a funny line between being serious and not being serious. ”
They had better run to the Game for protection. This is what two dead people look like.
--Spencer Ackerman
Holy crackers, Bat-Man!

Pac? B.I.G.? No need to bother with indictments for dead rappers, but as soon as these two get shot, look for Alberto Gonzales to direct his prosecutors to seek the death penalty in a case against every part-time receptionist at Interscope records.
Blogger J'myle | 11:33 AM

Having beef with 50 is cliche. You won't die for dissing him--in fact it probably ensures that you won't be killed. You'll just be lost in the crowd.

And apparently 50 can't even go back to his own neighborhood because they think he's a sell-out. He aint no Pac, that's for sure.
Blogger Eric the Political Hack | 12:52 PM

Every time I think I can't get any more white, some hack comes along and points out the perfectly obvious.
Blogger J'myle | 3:07 PM

Not just any hack. THE POLITICAL hack, son.
Blogger Eric the Political Hack | 11:26 PM