Sunday, December 17, 2006
Somebody got their head kicked in tonight:
--Spencer Ackerman
Melo is The Man.

Meanwhile, Isaiah Thomas continues to be a piece of shit. The papers report him saying today that Collins unleashed the hard foul because he didn't like the way the Nugs were running up the score. This is like cutting off someone's hand because they failed to raise their pinky off the teacup handle.

A hard foul like that could easily end someone's career. But now the NBA is going to come in and fuck over its superstar Anthony just to prove that pro-basketball is too just as civilized as ice-dancing. And all this happened because the Knicks suck and couldn't keep it within 15 points. Sniveling, bitch-ass losers.
Blogger Bill Smith | 9:42 AM

I agree that what the Knicks did was pretty weak, but Melo was most definitely not the man last night. He sucker-punched the Knicks guy and then backed away like a total punk. It was ridiculous, and he deserves to get suspended for it.
Blogger Haggai | 11:44 AM

What Haggai said. Nate Robinson was also punkish.

That said, Isiah, how bout stop getting beat by 20, so that you never have to worry about whether the other team has their starters in at the end of a blowout...
Blogger Pooh | 2:39 PM