Monday, April 07, 2008
twinkletoes, you're breaking my heart:
Forgive me, but this post is for the dudes. You know how you come out of the shower -- at the gym, say -- and you're toweling off, and you feel all dry, but then you put on your underwear and you realize: Dammit, I forgot to dry under my balls. Sometimes I wonder, could you pay someone enough to dry your under-nut area for you?

Anyway, after I read this review of Heads In The Sand I finally realized: so that's why Marty keeps this dude around.
--Spencer Ackerman
spencer - i'm totally down to help you with that shit.
Blogger shawnfassett | 4:53 PM

I can only help clarify the terminology. That interstitial region is called the grundel. By extension, Jamie Kirchik is the grundelmeister.
Blogger Armsmasher | 5:11 PM

sorry, not a dude (except in the broad sense), but I thought I could point you in the direction of something eerily similar:

now go wash your hands. (and start drinking to try to forget.)
Blogger Anna | 6:30 AM

the 2nd half of that link

(Blogger's not showing it and I can't tell if it's truncated...)

Blogger Anna | 6:38 AM