Thursday, April 03, 2008
this is how them players do it in the chi:
Yes, I'm guesting on Crappy Hour today and tomorrow. It's like returning to the scene of the crime. Only I'm doing it with Megan this time, not Moe. Don't want to be an underminer!
--Spencer Ackerman
Yeah, seriously. Can we hear the full Petraeus story sometime too?
Blogger Erica | 8:56 AM

See, if you were going to come to my show on Tuesday, you totally could!

Also, don't think I'm not going to write a St Mx Pl class-reunion post, either.
Blogger Spencer Ackerman | 11:45 AM

Ok, but don;t think the link to that video of you reliving your "best moment ever in your teenage years that took place right outside of ABC with Caroline" won't appear in the comments...

Or did you mean that you'd post about it in the crappy hour tomorrow? Because that, that would be awesome.
Blogger Erica | 12:07 PM

Got me hooked, scratching me knees, waiting for the next CH fix.

Good looks on the TAP cover, great piece. Sorry I can't make it to see the Surge, I'll be stuck at work in NY.
Blogger Michael | 12:30 PM

Erica, I *encourage* you to post that in comments tomorrow IFF you explain it. I will leave it to you to tell the story.
Blogger Spencer Ackerman | 12:34 PM

OK. Liz, Michael, Derya, a little help? I mean, no one tells a story like Spencer does...
Blogger Erica | 1:50 PM

Erica - yeah it's not as funny in writing as it is spoken. Which is why you should get that video up on YouTube already!! If you want you can even email it to me if it's small enough and I can put it up myself. Because wasn't he like, explaining it as he did it? In the video I mean, not the original incident, hahaha... that would have been EXTRA funny... "My hand is going up your shirt now...and we are dry humping..."
Blogger Liz Baillie | 2:47 PM

i want to hear about Kute-cinich in short shorts.
Anonymous Anonymous | 2:59 PM

Alla time, it was... What would RR do!!!
Blogger Onions | 1:08 AM

It's on you tube!!! I just forgot to send the link.

Although I just watched it *with* audio for the first time, and I think it's better not knowing what the hell is going on...
Blogger Erica | 6:36 AM

And that really would have been extra hilarious if he'd had an ongoing commentary while it was happeneing the first time. Actually, knowing Spencer, I wouldn't have put it past him...
Blogger Erica | 6:38 AM

I think my commentary at the time was limited to grunts and trying not to bust.
Blogger Spencer Ackerman | 7:26 AM

Oh. Yes.
Blogger Erica | 8:13 AM