Wednesday, April 02, 2008
tell your friends and your cousins we need you:
New Flophouser Sam Boyd mentioned last night that Gawker writers need a union. I didn't realize, despite Sam referencing Valleywag, that he was justly pissed off about this:
Since this plan was announced in late December, we've known that the pay rate is to be changed on the first day of every quarter. I expected to be informed of the pay rate before the month started, but that hasn't happened, even after repeated requests to my superiors. We're working in the digital equivalent of a sweatshop, effectively being paid based on how many views we can drum up — and now the goalposts are being moved mid-kick. This is unnerving and a slap in the face to the "creative underclass" that writes for Gawker's blogs.
Denton, you cocksucker, pay your writers fairly. It's always pathetic to see a guttersnipe put on a suit and join the overclass.
--Spencer Ackerman