Tuesday, April 08, 2008
silence kills the revolution:
No THFTNR today. I'll be liveblogging the Petraeus hearings over at The Streak, so check that out. The pregame coverage starts here. Last year I wrote 50 posts in two days for TPM. Can I break the record? We'll see. No video this time around, alas. There's only one Ben Craw.

You know what you should do when the Petraeus hearings end? You should come check out The Surge at the Bobby Fisher Memorial Building at 1644 North Capitol St. NW, just a few short blocks from the New York Avenue Metro on the Red Line. We'll be on around 7:30ish, but you really need to see From The Depths. God, what a day this is going to be.
--Spencer Ackerman
You need to bug the tech people at the Independent -- the blog is designed so that you have to click through on every single link. It is impossible to read that way.
Blogger alkali | 2:25 PM

Believe me, I know. We're still in B3ta mode. There's rumors of a new CMS that should fix these things. Sorry guys.
Blogger Spencer Ackerman | 5:13 AM