Sunday, April 06, 2008
i accept this award on behalf of the unit:
Slate's John Dickerson says in the Washington Post that dropping out of the Democratic primary is a lonely decision. Not if G-Unit has anything to say about it.

On the new anti-Fat Joe mixtape The Elephant In The Sand, 50 and Tony Yayo come out for Obama -- 50 for virtuous reasons, Yayo less so.

Fif: "N***** wanna kill me/ I stay in drama/ say a prayer for me, nah/ pray for Obama/ Ain't nothing changed/ those rednecks got .44 Mags/ KKK masks and Confederate flags/ Black man in the Office/ you know they gon' flip/ put their hand on their rifle/ 'this country's going to shit'"

Talk Of New York: "Funny how time flies/ life turn to memories/ and I can't vote/ too many felonies/ if I could vote, I wouldn't vote for Hillary (why?)/ man, a bitch rule the world? man, you're kidding me"

Those lines aside, judging from Elephant and the previous Bodysnatchers mixtape, I think it's time to reassess Tony Yayo's rap skills. He's showing a lot of improvement.
--Spencer Ackerman
"like two vowels, i don't owe you."

weezy f. da drought is over, vol. 5. holla if you need it?
Blogger themarkpike | 3:33 PM

This is my official holler.
Blogger Spencer Ackerman | 3:35 PM

man, you're awesome. I'm a fan of anyone who will reference the "down low" during political discourse-- like, say, on The Sam Seder Show...

Later Homeboy,

Lord Foppington

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