Thursday, April 10, 2008
did you win that race? did you score that point?:
My friend Ari Berman catches the Los Angeles Times' Peter Wallstein relying on a racist rightwinger, Debbie Schlussel, for a piece implying that Barack Obama has some kind of animus against the Jews. Apparently it's impossible to be a friend of both Israel and Palestine! Christ, Wallstein also uses another friend of mine, Hussein Ibish, to say in coded words, See? See? Arabs like Obama! Arabs!
--Spencer Ackerman
Favorite Debbie Schlussel moment: Debbie posts a rant on a report that the US neonatal circumcision rate is dropping. Debbie's interpretation? 1) Latently anti-Semitic hippies are condemning their sons and their wives to a future of stinky smegma. 2) The US is being overrun by those darn Mexicans.

Foreskins are dirty! Mexicans are dirty! And don't even get me started on Mexican foreskins!
Blogger Unknown | 7:55 PM

I think the better question: can you be a friend of Israel and a friend of this particular academic, who apparently endorsed the killing of Israeli soldiers as legitamate under international law. I don't think even the Israeli left would accept that one.
Blogger Cousin | 8:56 AM