Monday, March 24, 2008
right there in your AV t-shirt:
Am I the last one to know that Alison from the Kills is actually Alison from Discount? I am, right? Also, their new record is good.

No, fuck that. The new Kills record, Midnight Boom, is amazing. I listened to "Last Day of Magic" on repeat for half an hour before deciding that the other songs on the record were too good not to listen to. In fact, I may have to write a whole new post about Midnight Boom. And then download the Kills' entire catalogue.
--Spencer Ackerman
several months ago, someone told me i could pass as her younger sister and it made my day for like a weeeeeek. i did not know she was the same girl from discount. the kills are coming to play in ny in may i htink. i dont know if they are going to DC, but you should come see them in NY!
Anonymous Anonymous | 4:48 PM