Sunday, March 23, 2008
love love love just ain't a game i play:
The Raveonettes' Lust Lust Lust album is as good as you've heard. I've been lukewarm on them -- the gimmicky Spector girl-group references, the Jesus & Mary Chain posturing, the thin songwriting. A couple years ago, though, they played that Little Steven garage festival on Randalls Island and tried their hit "That Great Love Sound" with some anger in the vocals. It seemed dissonant, given the saccharine aftertaste of a lot of their stuff, but it turned out that was foreshadowing.

Lust Lust Lust still has that JAMC sound. But it's a lot darker than anything the Raveonettes have done. There's the occasional hint that they've been looking to Nick Cave and PJ Harvey to fill in the blanks of their feelings. Perfect! I love Nick Cave and PJ Harvey. The record is suggestive of the kind of sex you have, and seek out, after you've given up on any possibility of happiness.
--Spencer Ackerman