Tuesday, March 25, 2008
a little tornado a little hurrican-o:
Download, buy, beg, borrow or steal this record right fucking now. If someone makes a better album this year than Midnight Boom by the Kills, that someone will have made a classic album.

To get a bit dudely, I can't believe Alison from Discount made this album. Her voice sounds so, so, so different -- confident, experienced, wizened, betrayed, weathered, all growed up. I don't know why I'd want to listen to Ataxia's Alright Tonight again after Midnight Boom. Oh, right, the dudeliness -- yeah, so, among punk rockers of my caste and sort and age there was the question of whether you wanted to bone the girl from Discount. The answer was invariably yes. Now dudes are going to want to bone the woman from the Kills.
--Spencer Ackerman

Punk rock crushes could be an entire separate post.

My nominations from my punk adolescence are Robin Tussin from Black Fork, and Molly from Peechees/Bratmobile.

Blogger - A | 4:17 PM

Molly Neumann? Dude. The line starts behind ME. Well, behind Chris from Lookout, but still.
Blogger Spencer Ackerman | 6:41 PM