Thursday, February 14, 2008
you know i'm nice with my cook game:
Last year, Megan McArdle and I engaged in an epic gastronomical duel, displayed for all the world to see on BloggingHeads. The battle, forever known as BloggingChefs, resulted in me losing. I took it, at the time, like a man: Megan simply outcooked me. We shook hands, remained friends, and that was that.

Except it wasn't. For a year, I craved revenge.

Now I have it. I bring you BloggingChefs 2: Cherries. Sous-chef Ezra Klein and I prepared three dishes in 90 minutes, all constructed around the incorporation of cherries, for an Iranian-influenced menu I called Persian Subversion. Classic Persian cherry soup to start, then lamb roasted in red wine along with a cherry-saffron rice pilaf, and finally homemade cherry-chocolate truffles. Yes, those are Washington Independent aprons we're wearing.

Special guest appearances by libertarian sous-chef Will Wilkinson -- such a fierce competitor that he literally shed blood -- Tyler Cowen and his lovely wife, NBC's Lindsay Gibson, Amanda Mattos, Catherine Andrews, Kriston Capps, and the art world's Marissa Long.
--Spencer Ackerman