Sunday, February 24, 2008
hypnotize minds:
For NATO to be strong, cohesive and active, the President must give it consistent direction: on the alliance’s purpose; on Europe’s need to invest more in defense capabilities; and, when necessary, in military conflict.

To be relied upon when they are needed, our allies must be respected when they are not.

We have partners, not satellites. Our goal is a fellowship of strong, not weak, nations. And this requires both more American consultation and more American leadership. The United States needs its European allies, as well as friends in other regions, to help us with security challenges as they arise. For our allies, sharing the enormous opportunities of Eurasia also means sharing the burdens and risks of sustaining the peace. The support of friends allows America to reserve its power and will for the vital interests we share.
George Bush said that! In 1999! I came across this November 1999 speech while writing my forthcoming Obama piece, in order to demonstrate the point that you can't really rely on what a candidate says for predicting how s/he'll behave in office.
--Spencer Ackerman