Monday, January 21, 2008
we re-up, relocate, re-off them brooks:
Suicide bombing outside Tikrit kills at least 14, while a roadside bomb in Arab Jabour -- yeah, that Arab Jabour -- shot an 18-ton MRAP into the air, killing one of its occupants.

Also, that NYT piece I linked to said the recent Arab Jabour aerial bombardment involved 100,000 lbs of bombs, not the 40,000 initially reported. That must mean the surge is 60 percent more successful. (Or, to step on my own kicker, whatever the math works out to. It's late and I'm tired.)

--Spencer Ackerman
Spack, that's a whole one hundred and fifty per cent more bigger surgeosity! Tut, tut; must be the soft bigotry of low expectations or something, liberal cobag!
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