Wednesday, January 23, 2008
Those Washington bullets again:
What was that I was saying about the awesomeness of The Washington Independent? Over at our group blog, I report that our vetting system for ensuring our new tribal allies are really targeting the people they say they're targeting -- that is, al-Qaeda -- is... trust. That's from MNF-I spokesman Rear Admiral Greg Smith.

Because it's not like dudes who a couple months ago were insurgents are happy to take our free money and pursue their own agendas or anything. That would never happen.

Update: Welcome Plank readers! I missed you guys.
--Spencer Ackerman
FWIW, the group blog at TWI has a horrible format. Not only is every post a "click through to read the rest post," which is pointless and irritating unless there's some really good reason to hide some text, but there's no indication of the fact that text is hidden (unless you actually click through).
Blogger alkali | 11:35 AM

Hey, thanks for this. Just sent it on to our tech people.
Blogger Spencer Ackerman | 12:29 PM