Wednesday, January 16, 2008
Answer me with industry:
Ross knocks this out of the park. It's about how Romney's economic message propelled him to victory:
This is what people like to call "industrial policy," and what Jonah Goldberg likes to call liberal fascism - big business and big government working hand-in-glove for the purposes of economic nationalism.

This makes National Review, which endorsed Romney, objectively pro-liberal fascism. The horror! Clearly, when liberal fascism comes to America, it will come wearing a bow tie and freighted with repressed homosexuality.

--Spencer Ackerman
I actually asked Jonah a question along these lines, which was along the lines of: "you concede that everything from FDR to Nixon is liberal fascism. Because liberal fascism produced the WW2-to-Watergate golden age of American peace, prosperity and freedom, then what exactly is wrong with it?" but he didn't give me a direct answer. He has a chapter in his book called "we're all fascists" or something but it doesn't deal with the fascism of the right whatsoever.
Blogger Dr. Anatole Gavage-Huskanoy | 12:13 PM

What a shame. I would have loved to have been at the Borders' reading, but an old friend was in from out of town. Sounds like I missed a good time.
Blogger Spencer Ackerman | 12:15 PM