Thursday, December 20, 2007
Patiently waiting, it's like an AIDS test, what's the result?:
Out of retirement, briefly, to ask a question. What happens when you're unfamiliar with the following intro-to-logic fallacy?

1. All men are mortal.
2. Socrates is mortal.
3. Ergo, Socrates is a man.

The answer: This. You might even be tempted to sputter, "But... but... Socrates is a man!"
--Spencer Ackerman
I'm not all that plugged in to the DC blog hothouse (forgive the mixed metaphor), but why does Jonah Goldberg matter? I mean, his argument looks SO stupid that it's hard to see spending precious time debunking it.

If he does matter for some reason, is there some deeper connection between his argument and Ranesh Ponnuru calling the Democrats the "party of death"? Is there some moral panic on the right over all the killing and torture carried out by Bush that leads them to project murderous thoughts onto liberals?

One last question -- now that you're reemerged, can you bring Billmon back, too? I miss him.
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