Monday, December 31, 2007
our revolution won't be analog:

Elana Berkowitz braves the Ron Paul revolution in Iowa, and produces a compelling explanation for the phenomenon:

This utter consistency of Paul's ideology, where nothing comes in half-measures, seems like a utopian, self-contained universe where one improbable idea flows logically from the next. Adam Wood, a student from Kansas, explained that even [though] Paul's can't all realistically be implemented, he respected what he saw as the only hypocrisy free candidate in the Republican establishment, saying "For example, how can you be pro-life on abortion and then be pro-capital punishment? That's just political pandering."

Yeah. What does it say about the Republican field that the antidote to the onslaught of hypocrisy and cravenness of the other candidates, and of the Bush administration, is the display Elana captures? 

--Spencer Ackerman
It says that you can't be much of a craven hypocrite if you're as stark raving nutters as is Paul. Why people see that as an improvement on raging hypocrisy I'm not quite sure, but some folks do.
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