Saturday, July 14, 2007
the real enemy, the real enemy:
Abu Sarhan -- a "general coordinator" between AQI and the remnants of the Zarqawi organization -- says the U.S. shouldn't immediately leave Iraq. An al-Qaeda affiliate wants the U.S. to stagger its departure. What a testimony to the franchise model of al-Qaeda: the thug considers himself, foremost, an Iraqi Sunni, rather than a member of a global jihadist movement. Iran is his real enemy, not the U.S., and he dreams the dreams of the genocidaire:

"I personally don't have a hatred of the American people, and I respect American civilization," he said. "They have participated in the progress of all the nations of the world. They invented computers. Such people should be respected. But people who are crying over someone who died 1,400 years ago" -- referring to Shiites and their veneration of a leader killed in the 7th century -- "these should be eliminated, to clear the society of them, because they are simply trash."

"The real enemy for the resistance is Iran and those working for Iran," he went on. "Because Iran has a feud which goes back thousands of years with the people of Iraq and the government of Iraq."

--Spencer Ackerman
Nice find on that article Mr. Ackerman.

Not always in agreement with your points but you've written well enough to convince of the validity of your opinion a number of times.

I saw that you had written something about Doug Feith's work and the DOD IG's look at it over at TPM (you get to write for two of my favorite outlets with there and TNR) and I was wondering if you could send me an email so I could ask you something that intelligence story and I was wondering if you'd be willing to provide a comment for me for an upcoming story I am doing on the issue.

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