Friday, May 18, 2007
she slides her fingers through every nerve:
Attention, readers with medical expertise or a history of overcoming back pain: what should Catherine do about her suddenly uncooperative spine? In other Flophauser news, it's Matt's 26th birthday, Kriston takes the knives out for Jed Perl, Becks should be gracing us with her presence later today, and those of you in northeastern Utah can hear me on the NPR affiliate KPCW at 9 a.m. local time talking about The Iraq.
--Spencer Ackerman
Maybe chiropractor. Maybe acupuncture. Maybe the electrical pain stimulator thingys. Take anti-inflammatories. Adjust car seat (forward edge down, arse area up, back near to straight). Check out the nearest Relax the Back store.

Go to MD ONLY for diagnostics and x-ray; DO NOT let them put her on the slippery slope to spinal fusion. WSJ had a good article about the inadvisability of most medical procedures in the Wednesday Personal Journal section, if you can find a way to get it (I could copy and fax it Monday if you give me a fax #).
Blogger dell | 10:53 PM

I'd go with acupuncture - if you can find someone good it can do wonders. Other Chinese medical things to look at are a liquid called Zhenggushui (bone setting water)that is good when massaged into sore muscles and gaoyao - a medicated sticky bandage that you heat and then put where it hurts.
Blogger Justaguy | 6:08 PM