Thursday, March 01, 2007
over the 'ill, beyond 'idden valley, it's-a comin' from over there:
Some of you know that I've been seeking an Iraq embed since November. Well, yesterday, my request was granted. I fly to Kuwait on Saturday and shortly thereafter head to Baghdad, and I'll be spending most of the month over there. Now through Saturday is going to be ridiculously frantic as I make sure I remember to bring everything I'll need.

Posting is going to be... irregular. I don't really know what kind of internet access I'll have, and I also don't want to step on the toes of the magazines that are sponsoring this trip. That said, what I'll try to do is give a flavor for Baghdad (and the other places I'll be) in the spirit of this rather unbuttoned blog, and do it with some frequency. Sometimes I'll just post something brief so those I inadvertently forget to e-mail will know nothing's happened to me.

This embed is going to be one of the most exciting things I've done so far. The anticipation, adrenaline and nervousness kept me up most of the night, and I'll just try my best to do right by the people whose stories I'm trying to tell and by the readers who lend me their trust.
--Spencer Ackerman
Congratulations, even if you're used to traveling this should be quite interesting. Good luck!
Blogger serial catowner | 7:35 AM

That I echo. Good luck; be safe. I look forward to your stories.
Blogger hermit greg | 8:45 AM

Good Luck, be safe. I can't wait to see what a no-B.S. truth teller like yourself has to say about the situation on the ground in Iraq.
Blogger Dan Berger | 9:12 AM

Hope it all goes well for you, Spencer. Doesn't one need to get various shots before going there? Maybe not as many as for various places in Africa, so your arm and/or butt might not be too sore on the way over, which would be one less thing to have to deal with.
Blogger Haggai | 9:55 AM

Stay safe, Spencer.
Blogger jfaberuiuc | 9:56 AM

Argh, Blogger ate my comment. Here's hoping that you have some good excitement, but not too much excitement on your adventures. Can't wait to read your dispatches, and will be hoping for your continued safety. Rock on.
Blogger Silvana | 10:00 AM

"Sure they's a revolution in Germany. Git down so they won't hit ya wit' a wild shot." - Bill Maudlin cartoon

Don't get kilt, boy.

m, good luck
Anonymous Anonymous | 10:20 AM

Take care, Spencer.
Blogger Marilee Scott | 11:58 AM

Good luck and a safe journey. I'm looking forward to your reports.
Blogger Joe Scordato | 12:29 PM

This sounds like a great opportunity. I can't really think of anyone who would put it to better use than you.

Be Safe,

Sam L.
Blogger Oberlinblogger | 12:30 PM

I know you don't want my prayers, man, but yagottem. Come back safe.
Blogger Gallowglass | 3:41 PM

Congratulations! Can you name the magazines?
Blogger William | 4:53 PM

Blogger hilzoy | 6:59 PM

Godspeed, Spencer--and stay safe.
Blogger dell | 9:12 PM

The magazines he is writing about Iraq for are The Nation and The American Prospect, or at least that's what I recall Spencer saying a while back.

And like your other readers, I look forward to your reports. There isn't a journalist who is more deserving.
Blogger Eric the Political Hack | 9:30 PM

Good luck and stay safe.

-Eric (note quite as hackish)
Blogger Eric Martin | 7:31 AM

I'm looking forward to your magazine reports, and truly, be very careful since the bad guys and the good guys apparently can't be distinguished visually.

Maybe you'll also get a chance to learn some awesome Iraqi meal tricks as well.
Blogger JimPortlandOR | 4:52 PM