Sunday, February 18, 2007
floating in a most peculiar way:
Because there's only so much shucking-and-jiving Chris Tucker one can watch, I flipped on an HBO showing of The Empire Strikes Back just at the moment when Luke is running through the Dagoban forest with Yoda on his back. The Jedi master entertains questions from his young charge about the relative power of the dark and light sides of the Force. Luke momentarily accepts that the Dark Side isn't more powerful, but wants to know: Why? "Here is no why," Yoda replies.

Here is no why! A reference to Survival in Auschwitz! Spoken by a puppet -- a puppet who happens to be the embodiment of justice in the universe. Clearly George Lucas is an antisemite.
--Spencer Ackerman
I suspect it's the work of Jimmy Carter, and his dastardly accomplices George Soros and Matthew Yglesias. Only they could be behind this outbreak of interstellar antisemitism.
Blogger aelkus | 9:48 PM

Couple of problems with this theory. In Survival in Auschwitz the line is "Here there is no why," not "here is no why." And in Empire, yoda says to Luke "There is no *try*" when he says he'll *try* to use the force to get his fighter out of the swamp. That's just my memory of it, but if you google "here is no why" and "yoda" all you get are smashing pumpkins albums; I doubt the star wars geeks would have neglected thousands of web pages devoted to unpacking such a cryptic utterance by Yoda.
Blogger prophecy | 9:47 AM