Tuesday, February 27, 2007
dinah won't you blow your horn:
More Jamestown madness! From the latest Terrorism Focus, we learn that the awesome success story of the U.S.-backed Ethiopian war on Somalia's Islamic Courts Union is getting steadily less awesome:
Weeks after Ethiopia routed the ICU from Mogadishu and the rest of the country, violence is flaring in the capital and throughout Somalia. While some of this violence is being instigated by the Islamists who lost power, there is evidence that warlords who have returned to the country after being defeated by the Courts movement are also to blame (somaaljecel.com, February 22). Reports coming out of Mogadishu claim that some warlords are rearming their militias and planning attacks on Ethiopian and TFG troops. These warlords—such as Mohamed Dheere, Muhammad Qanyare Afrah and Abdi Nur Siyad, who have allegedly formed an alliance—are angry over their role in the TFG government that is now controlling Somalia; the three warlords were reportedly seen purchasing large supplies of arms at the Bakaara weapons market (Shabelle Media Network, February 22).
Goddamnit! Didn't anyone tell these people Somalia was a success story?
--Spencer Ackerman
I'm wondering how many schools have been painted in Mogadishu so far.
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